Teardrop Camping Trailer

Tiny Trailer builds a retro style teardrop camping trailer that is perfect for a fly-fishing road trip. My wife wanted a small trailer that she could take on Sisters on the Fly events. I wanted a trailer that I could tow behind our Subaru Outback and have room for all our gear. It's not an Airstream or is it the teardrop trailer on the Orvis website for $29.950, it's a Tiny Trailer.

Jerry Daschofsky

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Oh, I forgot to add. You can find them all the time on CL. They come and go. But you CAN find them. Hell, there is a step by step to build one SUPER cheap at that somewhere on the net (probably find it on that link I put up).


Love vintage graphite!
If anyone were interested in building their own...I have a dvd and book on the subject that I got from the site Jerry mentioned. I was all fired up to do it but the wife decided she wanted something bigger and the whole idea went down the toilet. Let me know...

Ed Call

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I could live in one of those...alongside a river, creek or ditch where there might be fishing. I find that my $5k tent trailer is a lot more space and value, but to have a hard sided trailer for a similar price would be nice. Some places I've been restrict canvas sided trailers. BTW, take Mark up on that delivery option. He needs to get up here and fish and he also travels with a nice humidor and good whiskey.
I apologize for “shilling” the Tiny Trailer. I wanted to share my passion for designing and building retro style camping trailers that I am proud of. You can easily see with a click on my user name and a click on my home page that I build the Tiny Trailer. As per price and value it is no different than anything else. You can go to Wally’s and pick up a fly rod for under a $100 or as we all know you can spend many times that for a hand crafted rod. I would like to give a special thanks to constructeur for taking the time to critique my post and point out that I could do a better job of composing my prose. Being a high school teacher I always appreciate positive criticism.


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We had a 13' enclosed trailer that the two ends folded out making a huge Queen bed on one end and a Double on the other end. But, you didn't have to fold out the tent portions. You could have that same queen bed in the table area, so it was a killer trailer. Light and easy to transport, plus either very roomy or safe for bear country. Down side of that trailer, for me at any rate, was having to make the bed every time we stopped.

Just me, the teardrop would be sweet. Seriously, it would be just a place to sleep and eat, but we bought an 18' with couch/dining slide out. But it weighs 3,000 lbs. Very light and super sweet.

Chris Scoones

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Woodchuck, nice trailer but don't do that. Without an intro stating you as the owner / builder, constructeur's note on shilling is applicable. Either way, you should read the site rules before continuing on. It might explain why there may be the flavor of an issue with your approach.