Black Bart?



He's got it but he don't give out the receipe for it. If you want it you would have to book him as a guide. He also has another one that he swears by and it is called a cop car. But he won't give that one up also. Just a little bit of info from an old man. :THUMBSUP
Interesting. I heard about it from a friend of mine that fishes the Deschutes and Grande Ronde Rivers, and said it was a very productive pattern (one of the locals gave him a couple of them). I will see if I can get one to look at, and if I do, I'll post the pattern.

I tried a search on google, which pointed me to Dennis' website, but I didn't think it was a Dickson original pattern.

Thanks for the replies. :THUMBSUP

o mykiss

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I think Dennis is selling some flies through Swedes Flyshop in Woodinville. I know he is not selling his "secret flies" there or anywhere else. The Cop Car is definitely one of his secret flies. I am not sure about the Black Bart. You could try Swedes to see if it is one of the Dickson flies they are selling.

Chris Scoones

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Black Bart is a client only fly Dennis ties. If you know the pattern, cool, but please refrain from posting it. Dennis is one of the folks who have been kind enough to lend his reports to this site and I'd hate to think this site facilitated getting one of his hush patterns widely available.


I agree with Chris...give Dennis credit for making a living doing something he loves. Go spend $150, attend one of his river classes, have some fun, learn some new things and look at the flies. Take a mental snapshot and see how close you can come to replicating it but keep it to yourself. And remember, as Dennis says it's not so much the fly as how close to the steelhead's nose you stick it! good guy, hire him for a day!

I'm not certain that the "Black Bart" used on the GR is one in the same as Dennis' original. My friend said that he has picked them up at a shop in Clarkston, Idaho, which makes me think that it is probably a different pattern altogether. He's sending me one by mail.

Either way, I won't post the recipe.

Dennis described the fly and the tieing materials on one of his reports either the fall of 2001 or the fall of 2000. Go to his web site at and look at his reports for the fall of 2000 and 2001. I believe it is primarily a fall fly. Not sure he uses it this time of year.

As was mentioned earlier, it is not the fly that is really important, it is the presentaion that will put you into fish.

Dennis is a great guide. Book a trip with him and you are garanteed to learn a ton. Don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions. Write down all the good stuff you learned so you don't forget it all before the next time you go out.

Chris Grieve :BIGSMILE