NFR Found This @ The True Value Bulletin Board In Forks This Weekend.

Ed Call

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if that gal was blonde I would be heading over to Forks this weekend. might even forget to bring my fly rods.
I bow to you for being so willing to take one for the team! Make that trip, stop at my place and I'll have an ample supply of blonde hair dye products that will help you get her to suitable coloration. Your dedication to the cause is impressive.
If she has 1000 acres of prime property on the confluence of the Bogy and the Duc, one of you young guys needs to step up to the plate and take her up on her offer. I'm quite certain that the rest of us would supply you with fine liquor, Cuban cigars, and porn movies if you would keep a smile on her face, and the shotgun locked up so the rest of us could gain access to the fine fishing waters. Just sayin....
Well, I am already married but I think I could supply some of that liquor for a shot at the
Sol Duc or Boggy. I am not certain about the Cuban Cigars, or the movies, but some booze for