Barn boat build pictures


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At last the hull is done and the painting complete. I still have to install the pocket puller for the anchor, oar lock sockets and some cleats. The depth finder has to be installed as well but I haven't decided whether or not to get a new one and leave the old one on the pontoon.

As you can see the colors are more tropical than grim northwest winter, it seems like a cheerful little craft. And I wont be selling this one as I promised Susie that when I get too old to use it I'll bore a series of 2'' holes in the bottom, fill it with dirt and use it for a planter. It will look good in the garden.

Total out of pocket cost so far is under $250 because I used so much of what I had on hand. The oars still have to be built but I am not expecting even $50 for material. Biggest expense was to RAKA for fiber glass and epoxy materials. Quite a bit less than a new pontoon and I won't need waders and fins! I expect it's real strengths to be for crappie fishing and soaking chironomids. It will never see running water.

So dress rehearsal is over and it is on to some nice layout tables for Susie's quilting room. No scrap wood permitted here.



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Ive, as usual, fine workmanship. I love the bright colors, influence from Susie? I need to retire so I have the time to pursue some of my creative talents. Heaven knows I have a ton of wood waiting for me...
Wow, Great job building your boat!! I love it :D , always had a fondness for home built boats!! Thanks for sharing with us, let us know how it does out on the water.




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Yes Guy-she does float and very well at that. The oars are positioned properly on the first attempt, it rows effortlessly and really scoots along with a 30# Minn Kota. Most importantly I can stand up in it to cast or just take a break from sitting. I have a new swivel seat to install and a real nice new depth finder to mount but it has been raining almost constantly and I haven't had a chance to try either yet.

And yes-it does scare the fish. Fish are scared anytime I am on the water and rightfully so.

Roper, I let Susie pick out the blue although I was a little dubious at first. As usual she is right and and I'm pleased with how bright and cheerful it turned out. Brightly colored boats aren't for everyone but having been in the military the olive drab and camo thing was over for me in 1960. The only camo I own is the chefs aprons that Susie built for you and me several years ago.

Weight is <80#