My new Batson spey

Last week I just got done with my new batson IF1307-4 and just got around to taking pictures before it gets all dirty. I have not had the chance to cast it yet, with all the wind we are having down here I don't really feel like sending a hook through my ear :thumb: I wrapped it with GB Garnet with ProWrap Gun smoke for trim and all hardware used is salt ready Alps.

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Thank you guys. The cork I turned my self with light Burl, Red burl, Mocha, Dark mix, Light mix and rubberized ends. The rock I used is one that I remembered picking up and tumbling. It came with a story so it felt right giving it a home on this rod. I used Garnet for the main body wrap and it matched the blank to a T with out CP leaving the Gunsmoke with a floating look. I just cut the tag end and pulled it under the Garnet a few threads before I started the middle wrap