Line suggestions for a switch rod.

Isaac, perhaps not as different as you remember...Most Steelhead streams in the NW are not the Skagit or the (Lower) Hoh, the rivers of that caliber represent a small percentage of the steelhead streams available in the NW. Rivers like the Washougal, the East Fork Lewis, and Kalama, to name just a few in the SW Washington area, are a better representation to the waters one typically fishes...especially with a short spey/switch rod. In the summer time these rivers typically will run or hit sub 500cfs...the EFL and the Washoulgal get under 200 much of the summer.

By the way, nice line I'll have to give it a try sometime,


I wish I had your knowledge of steelhead streams when I lived there. Maybe It was just me getting into the sport but I thought that to chase fish those big rivers where the rivers to do it on!
Isaac, those big rivers are awesome and a real treat to be on, but the smaller rivers have as much history and legend to keep any steelheader preoccupied between fish.

By the way, what I've learned and know is always growing...the complete bank of knowledge this site offers is truly humbling, just when you think you know something there is always something more to learn.

Thanks Isaac, perhaps well fish together one day!

Well said, and I am here for the same reason smuggler is. The online communities out here don't offer the same level of knowledge freely offered. This sport is so technical and at the same time deceptively simple as soon as I think I've got everything down I realize my premise is wrong! I do hope to fish together one day, I'll bring my 8wt switch ;)
I just picked up a TLr 11ft 8wt yesterday. Today I picked up a White River Fly Shop Kingfisher 9/10 reel and the Rio Skagit Versitip 500gr kit.

I'm in MI and wanted a two-handed rod to use in tight spaces. With the exception of the larger Lake Michigan tribs most of the rivers I fish are less than 100ft wide and hemmed in tight by trees or other structure. So being able to throw 30-60ft of line with no aerial backcast is indispensible. I considered a full-on spey rod but opted for the switch as it will be more versitile on the rivers I fish most often. And the switch will still work well on those bigger Lake Michigan rivers.

I would've loved to get a Scott T3h or Sage One and a high-end reel but spending $1500-2000 on a rig I may not use but 5-10 times a year was hard to justify. Also, I'm not sure I'm gonna like spey casting. So I went real low-budget. If it turns out I like the two-handed method I can go out and get that high-end rig to suit my tastes.

I'll be on the water tomorrow with this new rig. Hopefully my first attempts at spey casting go well and I can post how the 500gr Skagit casts on this rod.