Amber Lake


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From this morning. It's 90% clear of ice. I got to the lake around 9 am. One other person on the water. He'd been there since sunrise and had landed 8 trout (mix of Bows and Cutts) when we chatted around 10 am. Fish were right up at the shoreline early and were gradually moving deeper. I should've brought my full sinker (type 4) as the only person catching fish as I was leaving (11 am) was in DEEP water and stripping in a fly. I only landed this one bow, caught on an olive micro leach. Caught it in about 15 feet of water on my clear intermediate line. Pretty soft strike and a decent fight. By look of it's messed up jaw, this one has played the game before. I've caught 4 fish out of here that have been unhooked roughly and been disfigured by it. Pretty sad. Thankfully, he was front lipped and an easy unhook.

Windy, windy, windy day. It was blowing 10-20 MPH constant, with some bigger gusts. Anyways, the name of the game is olive micro buggers/leaches and start shallow early in the day and work out later. One fish was working the surface that I saw, but it was so irregular and windy that it wasn't worth messing with. Tight lines
Hit it today also. Got there around noon and fished past dark. Fairly slow during the afternoon, but started popping the last hour of daylight. I wasn't fishing all that deep, but I was making a point of fishing around sunken logs and brush. Right before dark, the wind died and the fish came up onto the flats again. Yowsa! Cheers--AJ


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Dang. I left at 11:30 or so. Just missed you. I figured that the first hours of the day and the last would be prime... during the fall, the best fishing seemed to be from 10:30-2:00... I've never fished it during the spring.

As far as water temps go, I didn't have a thermometer on me. I fished the Yakima the other day and it was around 35-37 degrees. I'd put it in that range as far as "feel" is concerned. It's cold still. Another week or so and I'd say it'd be around 40 (dependent on weather) which could be dynamite!

AJ- did any of your fish have messed up jaws like mine? I swear I get one like that EVERY time I'm fishing the lake. Also, did you get into any Cutts?
One was missing the maxilla on one side similar to yours, but apart from that they were all in pretty decent shape. I know what you mean though. For a small lake it gets a lot of fishing pressure, and I've caught a fair number over the years that were pretty beat up. No Cutthroat yesterday. Given how clear the water was, I doubt it has warmed enough to turn over yet so water temps are still less than 39.2 F. Cheers--AJ


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Gorgeous Cutty! Gotta love those spawning colors. I'm going to have to pay Amber a visit again really soon. I have caught close to 2 dozen trout at Amber and I've yet to land a Cutthroat. I've lost a few (saw 'em) but yet to land one. Hoping for a colored up one like that!


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No Cutthroat today but there was a whole lot of wind... (shocker eh?)

Got to Amber at 7 am, lake was glass and the sky was blue. Saw some fish swirling up top (saw chironomids on the water as well... adults were about a sz. 14 black/tan) and 2 boats on the water when I got in. Of course, 20 mins after getting on the water the wind kicks up and surface activity quickly became non-existent.

Went to a favorite part of the lack and didn't even get a bunk. Once again, I think I should've been prepared to work deep (left the full sinker in the car) but oh well. More boats were entering the water, and the wind was getting fierce so I worked my float tube across the lake and fought the wind while I trolled the bank towards the launch. I was somewhat surprised when my line went taught, and the fish stayed down on me. Felt nice and took a few good runs... Rainbow. 19"+ in the measure net... gorgeous buck Rainbow. Hit a hot-head micro bugger (olive) that was trailing a halfback. Fish had some bulk, and much to my pleasure was not missing any part of his maxilla. Got a few quick pictures...

After this fish I finished my troll retrieve back to the launch. The wind sure was howling when I got in. 4 more pontoons were preparing to launch as I got back in, and two more were in the upper parking lot waiting to go. Nice folks out today. That being said, when I left (9:30 am) my fish was the only one that I saw caught. It seemed slow for everyone at that point. I left Amber and headed back to my original planned target of the day (Medical Lake) to meet a friend. He had gotten a Brown and Tiger trout to net by the time I got there, and we both had a fish on but lost em. Medical is still 30% iced over and access is limited. I hiked my tube in to a good launching spot. The fish there are definitely active. In fact, the one hit I had at Medical was VICIOUS. The fact that I lost that fish (operator error) got me down. Oh well.

Tight lines.