Why am I not surprised that this would happen in California?

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
CA's contaminated with tree and bunny huggers, which is why I left. They scream "ohhhh...look at the wonderful kitty", then bitch and moan when a jogger gets "et"! The freaks in SF will work really hard to get hunting banned in the state now, or at least get the lead out, and then wonder why there's so much poaching after their DFG enforcement officers are all laid off for lack of funds. Fucking rabbit people, as Jeff Cooper called `em!

Rick Todd

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As a California native I'm so glad I'm no longer living there! What a bunch of stupid politicians! (of course from the land of Nancy Pelosi one wouldn't expect the best and brightest to be in politics down there). Rick

Jim Ficklin

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Thankfully more states "Don't" follow California's lead on things, although Washington tries. I stopped in my neighborhood SunMart on the way Pheasant hunting last November. The young man who was working graduated HS with my Son and wished us good luck. The transplanted lady from San Fran, gave me a steelie glare & said "I hope you have a lousy time." So . . . I informed her that while she was perfectly-entitled to her beliefs, she was NOT entitled to espouse them while insulting customers. Then I asked her what she had done to aid wildlife over the past year . . . I went on to cite what license fees support, what the Pittman-Robertson Act dollars suppport, what Pheasant enhancement activities I was involved with during the previous Summer, etc. She could offer nothing other than criticism of hunting in-general. "I'm from California and real men don't hunt there.!" "And I'm originally from Montana, Ma'am and a lot of men & women hunt there, just as they do in this state. If it makes you feel any better, 'real men' where I come from are lousy hair stylists & interior decorators. Have a better day . . . like my Dad once advised, you'd best learn to get glad in the same pants you got mad in, or you'll go through your day extremely uncomfortable." Haven't seen her lately . . . maybe she went back to the nut grove . . .

Upton O

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Jim, you can't win an argument with a bunny hugger using FACTS or DATA. You have to use misinformation, lies, and animated animals (lions for example) that grow to adulthood without ever having eaten any prey.

I had a sudden awareness the other day: I've never met a single person who was born a herbivore (vegetarian).


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Amazing read, but no real surprise .... Given its Kalifornia. State is on the verge of Bankruptcy (Fresno's trying to figure out how they 'legally' go BK) and the State's Fearless leaders are "Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic." But what the heck, so is the OweBama Administration?

How bad are things for that State? Well given just a handful of years back the State had the 5th or 6th LARGEST "GNP" of any Country in the world ... they're financially in the tank. How big's the 'tank' you may ask. I purchase Muni Bonds frequently but haven't touched anything out of California for several years. (Handwriting on the wall was/is 'rit-large.')

Right now, a good Bond (most are tax free to one degree or another) and my Broker called me and the conversation went something like this.

'I know you won't buy anything out of California but this "General Obligation" bond is something I thought I should bring to your attention given the interest rate.'

'What is it?'

'7.5% and it's tax free.'


But lets back up a bit for 'perspective.' At the time a AA+ and up 'General Obligation' (tax payers are on the hook) was going at 1 to 2.5 percent. End game is if California was willing/had to pay that kind of 'premium' its only because no one will touch their paper. Wonder why?


Rick Todd

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Jim-at least you don't live in the "politically correct" side of the state! I'm not sure I would go into our local Haggen's in hunting gear! I used to worry about how my patients would view my hunting and fishing, but at this point I really don't care so I put my old Grays Sporting Journal, Sporting Classics and Northwest Fly Fishing out in the waiting room. Rick

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
They tend not to make any smart-ass comments over here when they come into town and see one of us with something strapped to his/her hip.

Yesterday I was in High Mountain Hunting Supply talking to Mike Sprague, who's the president of one of the gun clubs in the area, and he told me he'd gotten a call from some twit who'd seen someone out at #2 Canyon gun club shooting his M-4 with a can on the end: the idiot claimed he "felt threatened"!! Makes me wonder how the little moron got into the club: I can't imagine any member feeling uncomfortable!
I was born and raised in California. I left it in the early 70's when all the 60's radicals graduated Berkley and started running for political office instead of getting jobs. I thought I had made a clean getaway, but it followed me to Oregon and now Washington. It's hunting me down, apparently there is no escape!


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Problem with these folks Alex is they're the present day version of what we used to call "Old Ladies in Tennis shoes." All the time in the world, nothing else to do so they'd get a feather up their back side and just come at you, and at you .... AND they made sure the local 'Press' was kept well up on what they were doing.

Stories I could tell, but I'll spare you all.:beathead: