North Fork Stilly ?


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I was on North fork near Oso. River surrounded by private lands almost everywhere. I read a lot about this river but don't see spots where I can park a car and hit the water. Maybe I need a good guide?


You should have gone up river a little farther. There's access at all the bridges that cross the river. Maybe what you need is a good map to show access points. After the last bridge you have the Post road, Hasel, Bolder river, and Fortson. There's access all over the place all you have to do is look for it.


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Sounds like you very good famous with this area
So can I ask you a question about conditions?
when I was on Stilly river was greenish color and carry plenty of silt. As I learned from the books it can make flyfishing hard or impossible (though we cannot use scent like baitfishermen). And long-term weather report for Arlington area promise rains till the end of June. How fish will react to such condition in other words should I wait to change the weather before going to Stilly or there is a chance to hook a steelhead now?
The NF gets its silt from two main sources: Deer Creek and a creek just below C-Post. The higher up you go the clearer it will be.
The best access is above Oso. Now's early for Deer Creek fish so you don't need to worry about missing the natives down low.
It definately helps to go with someone who knows the river, or at least where a couple good access points are. Wow, i can't even describe where to tell you to go because i dont know the road names, but next time i go(tomorrow) i will make note of road names and try to help you out.
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