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I still don't have an "edit" link on my posts, Chris. When I first make a post it is there but if I refresh or change pages and come back it is gone.
In the lower left of my posts it just has my name, and the time of the post.


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capes 039.jpg

just seeing if I can still post pics? kinda easy, will have to get used to it. I also like when it says visitor when someone is lurking that's not a member. the letters could be way "BIGGER" this is going to be tough on the eyes for sure! pictures sure look better!

Why no profile picture section? or am I missing something? I like saving pics in my profile.


Looks good. Will take some getting used to but I like some of the little things that set it apart from the same format as the other forums. Good work!


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Hi Chris,

I wonder where is the thread function? it seems I can't find the "thread function" on the screen, neither can I modify the post...
I am using the Safari.

Follow up..., I can modify the thread now! Thanks Chris!! Great work!


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"Ratings: below everyone's posts now, towards the right, you will see

Some cat comes on and thumbs down a post I made about macro lenses in the photography forum. Why? I have no clue. My post was purely informative and stated up front it was simply my unqualified opinion on macro lenses. In retaliation I thumbs down one of his posts. Later I realized this was somewhat childish on my part but I see where this will go. Thumbs down ratings will lead to thumbs down ratings. My couple of cents on ratings.
Chris, thanks for all the work. I was getting a 404 until I realized that the forum URL had changed, duh!

EDIT: BTW, everything -- loading, editing, uploading -- seems way faster too!

Ciao from across the pond,