koffler pram

Bob Rankin

Chasing fur and fish every second I get :)
I just got back from a long drive to koffler boats in Eugene. It was well worth the trip. Joe Koffler is a great guy and has built me A real nice pram I couldn't be more pleased. I bought a 10 foot pram, wich will be just right for my daughter and I. Can't wait to get it on the water. Like I said Joe is A great guy so if you need A pram send some money his way.
Sweet pram! I bought a 10' fish rite earlier this year for my 9 year old some and I and it has been great. Really changes my approach to stillwater fishing and there is nothing my son would rather do than go fish in the pram.

Maybe a father/child pram gathering should be in the works sometime!

Bob Rankin

Chasing fur and fish every second I get :)
Thanks Jim thats kind of the reason I got the pram to take my girls fishing.I waited A long time to by A koffler. Ive passed on A bunch of prams that were on this site including the fish rite. Im glad its working for you Nick!!!!!! So I just had to bite the bullet And get A new one. Im A little sore though trying to pull it up a short steep bank at my local lake. I can get it in and out of the truck and into the lake with ease. but pulling it up the bank by myself is tuff. The boat is built like A battelship I absoulutely love it. My daughter does to. She hooked and landed her first trout on a fly rod yesterday. Shes 7.Its a good start.
Rankin. in regards to pulling it up the hill. We had the same issue with our raft at a takeout on the Spokane River. I got two pulleys and a appropriate length of rope and made a bock and tackle. Now I can pull it up the hill alone and it weighs about 300# loaded.

I wrote an article about prams for STS magazine. I would always want to be in a well made strong boat as compared to some lesser made boat, When your heavy boat is in the water, It's as light as a feather, sure you might have to grunt a little more to load it, so what, your safety is well worth it. Isn't it?

Carl Blackledge


Just ordered my Koffler Rocky Mountain Trout Boat last week. Not sure I will survive for 6weeks while I wait, but I sure am excited! I ordered it for the same reason several of you did, it will allow me to get my two girls out on both stillwater and moving water, and will last forever.