Looking For A Fighting Butt Reel Seat Cap

I have an older rod that I built some thirty years ago. Somehow I have lost the cap off the end of the reel seat and the the two components that screw down the reel can be screwed off the rear of the rod.
I believe the reel seat is a REC but I do not recall what I used. I measured the reel seat and the ID on
it is .650 and the OD is .750. These are approximate measurements but rather close.

I contacted REC but they were of little help in locating a piece to epoxy into the reel seat. Does anyone
have any recommendations of where I could find something like this. A search of the web led me to
England, but that is a bit far for such a small piece. I would appreciate any assistance I can get. Thanks
Where do you live? I might have one that fits for free if your local and want to stop by. I live in Puyallup
Boy I certainly appreciate that Tyler. However, I live in Woodinville, and I
seldom get that far south. Free is always good, but I would think that your offer would require a treat on me of some sort, even if it were a only a cuppa of joe or lunch.

I believe I recall that the reel seat is a REC. I doubt that I would have put a high end reel seat on the rod, at least at that time. It is a good seat, just missing a cap. I called REC yesterday and gave them some dimensions and
was told to look for a NBM, which I would guess is some sort of reel seat.

I found what I want at Cabelas, but it is on back order and they do not give any dimensions on it. Since it is only $5.00 I might order it and when it comes in see if it will fit and I can Epoxy it in. Since I am not a rod builder by trade or avocation, I am caught in a steep learning curve here.

Anyway, I appreciate your offer and thank you.