Oregon State Casting Rod


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Just delivered this one to another ex student and athlete I coached. I coached Tony in middle and high school wrestling. He went on to wrestle at Oregon State where he qualified for NCAA Div 1 championships 3 times. He wanted a rod in school colors and commerating their Pac 10 championship in 2007. The rod is 7' MHX sj843 in white. Grips are CF with the new fuji SKS2 reel seat, no fore grip. Guides are batson micros spiraled ala Steve Gardner style which is a progressive spiral dictated by the guide size and location. It is not acid or revolver because the rotation angles are not set in stone as to degrees around the rod they are placed. Guide size goes dbl ft 6 then sf 5,4, and the rest of the runners are 3's.

this shows the spiraling, even the first guide is offset from 0 degrees so that the line will not pile up on one side or other of the reel.

Here is a pic of all 8 micro #3 guides on a penny.