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What is your favorite coffee? Do you buy whole bean or pre-grind? My wife and I have taking a liking to Peet's House Blend after we ran out of the Holiday Blend my brother sent this past season. It was whole beans so we've been grinding as we go -- suspect that's the better way to have fresh stuff, but is a little noisy and messy. We find Starbucks a bit to acidic and SBC just OK.

Curious to hear what the forum likes.
So long as I can just about chew on it I don't care. Not picky about brand just as long as its super super strong. I love my fiance to death but she makes the weakest coffee

Steve Call

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I drink my coffee black. No sugar, no cream. I like it strong. I also find Starbuck too bitter. I use a Melita paper filter and grind my coffee as fine as possible - turkish grind (almost like powder) on most machines. Usually prefer an espresso roast.

But if I need coffee just about anything will do - Starbucks, Tullys, Mickey D's, 7-11, AM/PM mini-mart.
Most any of the medium roasts from trader joes are quite good. If I can't drink it without sugar and cream, then it's not good coffee.

For espresso, vivace roasteria in Seattle roasts the absolute best bean I've ever had.

Starbucks all around makes some seriously bad blends.
I like my coffee strong and black, I've been using a french press for a while and I like it.

I have been diggin the sumatra blend lately, any brand.

Chad Lewis

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I also like my coffee black and strong. I prefer a french roast most of the time. Lately I've been buying Craven beans from Yoke's and I'm happy.

Grinding the beans just prior to brewing is the best. There are several ways to get the most out of your cup o' joe. Here's a link to a decent article, although it doesn't mention that good water is also very important....

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Nescafe Taster's Choice French Roast Instant with a couple of teaspoons of World Market Dark Chocolate mix and skim milk microwaved on "Beverage"setting. If you pour the milk first and leave the powders on top too long something fucked up happens with the taste, gets a chemical overtone I don't care for. Do it the other way around it is 90 seconds till delicious.

Old Man

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I used to drink coffee, but it bothered my stomach. So I switched to coffee with out the caffeine. It still tore me up. So I quit. I also quit drinking Diet Coke. I guess you could say I swore off all caffeine. If I want to stay alert I just get more sleep.