FS A Few Single Hand Rods For Sale

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St. Croix Legend series "original" 9'6" 7/8wt. $85
G Loomis GL3 1178 9'9" 8wt. Custom build $100 2" broke off tip
Cabelas fish eagle 10' 8/9 w/ echo reel $75 and 10wt head cut down w/ slick shooter running line


G Loomis


Bantam - Loomis still tempting. Shipping a 2pc. to the East Coast would be expensive.
If you don't find a local buyer, get back to me. I would split shipping if price was right.
I knocked 2" off my Loomis Dredger tip. I use what is left of the tip to clean out my ear wax. Works great.

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