Wright & Mcgill Stream & Lake Bamboo

I was sorting out some old rods for a "man" garage sale we are having at a buddies next week and found a bamboo fly rod given to me by a college buddy. It belonged to his dad that recently passed away. The rod is a Wright & McGill Stream & Lake, 9 1/2 ft Wt 6 ozs. Rod has two tips, greyish canvas bag in cardboard tube (missing tube cap). Tube gives above info plus Number SL 9680. Did a little computer surfing and found in mint condition might go $250. This rod is not mint. Tip guide of middle section looks like it has some kind of tape wrap instead of red thread. One of the tips looks like it was rewrapped as well. Cork has some wear. Reel seat had been painted black for some reason. I steal wooled what was left of the paint off. Its a used rod but appears sound and totally functional.

I would rate the rod as a 7-8 out of ten but admit I am clueless. Can anyone give me an idea what I should ask for this rod?

I found your forum while searching for info on this rod.
Thanks for any help you can give me.