Rooster Fish Teasers

I'm aware that teasing in roosterfish with a hookless plug is very effective. If anyone has experience with that technique, I'd like to find out if I can make or purchase a good teaser plug. Are they buoyant or weighted? Does color matter?


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Don't waste your time. It used to work until word got out. Now every asshole on the beach is smacking the fish on the head with plugs without knowing how to properly tease and the fish are wising up.

Pez Gallo

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Teasing can work very well indeed under the right circumstances. However, Unless you are a skilled plug maker I have my doubts that you could make plugs that will really fit the bill. Your best bet is to buy commercially made lures. There are several varieties that work. Most of which are designed for East Coast striped bass fishing. Most do not float. And color is not critical ( most of the time ).

There is truth in alpinetrout's reply. Teasing has become so widely employed by beach bound fly anglers that at times it can have negative effects on fish behavior along a given beach. I recently wrote a piece for the Drake Magazine on this subject, it was printed in the Fall 2011 edition. I will most likely include the full unedited version of the article on my forthcoming web site.

Teasing has it's place for certain. Though it needs to be used appropriately.