Sometimes It Pays Off..

I stoke, just thinking about heading out there Sunday and Monday, water looking perfect, fishing Sunday with a buddy. But we can meet up Monday if interested. Pm we can meet up.
Crap! Now we're all going to have to pay for your two years in rehab. Don't you ever think of your family? What about the new people in the sport, that picture is just a "gateway drug" should be ashamed! ;)
Beautiful fish, Jimmy; I hope you can connect with something like that on the Wenatchee!
Thanks for the info Alex.. Decide to hit the methow instead.. Awesome day as well.. 3 natives, couple big dolly, white fish, and a dinner hatchery in the evening. What an amazing river in the winter, glad it was open, even though just a short time.. so different fron the fall season. Was an perfect day to end the season on the methow...


Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
Outstanding photos too! I'll be there next season! The methow's a great stream, and you've got the Twisp and Winthrop brewpubs too; altogether a great venue.