Chum Fry Revisited

With DFL and myself finding a few hungry cutt's yesterday looking to munch on a few chum fry I though I'd bring this back once more. I was asked to do a step by step last year and never got around to it, so here it is. Pretty simple pattern, it helps to flatten the stem of the grizzlies at the tie in point and keep it sparse. You can tie these on any short shank saltwater hook, I use a size 8.
I've been thinking about early spring and the chum fry hitting the salt, and we all know what will be waiting for them, don't we? Anyway I thought I'd try and come up with a little more realistic pattern than the chum baby, don't get me wrong, I use it and it's a great, super easy, pattern, just not very realistic. Any way here's one I came up with, I wanted a big head, with big eye's and something to represent the parr marks. I like floating lines so I thought I'd go with a bead head and decided to put eye's on the beads and epoxy or hard head them, works good. Probably won't last long after it hits the beach a few times, but oh well.
Put a couple of grizzly's back to back for parr marks and used white buck tail, grey buck tail, and some dark olive/brown marabou on top. I had to make some pink one's too, just cause they looked cool. Hope you like them. DSCN1709.JPG DSCN1708.JPG DSCN1711.JPG DSCN1702.JPG DSCN1703.JPG DSCN1705.JPG DSCN1706.JPG DSCN1707.JPG
Awesome pattern Mark, I am working on a very similar pattern that I just got the materials for yesterday. I'll post some picks when I finish tying it up.


"Chasing Riseforms"
Darn Mark! He never shows me his flies while fishing together on the beach! Oh well, we both hooked up with a double header when we stuck on our chum fry patterns. Nice pics Mark.

Jim Mcallister

AKA stillwater guy
Great pattern Mark .I hadnt thought of barred hackle before but it makes good sense.Looks like those will be going into my recipe for my next chum baby.

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
You know, I just love the creativity fly tying folks have. I really like this pattern and since today is going to suck weather wise, I know what I'm going to attempt to tie today (need to get some bead heads first, though). Great looking fly.
I wonder if those clear cure dumbbell eyes (as advertised by the Caddis shop) might be a bit too large? I think the smallest is 4mm?? I've been using some stick on eyes (Spirit River?) which are 1.5 mm.
Thanks guys for the great comments and suggestions. Sorry Larry I thought you'd seen it before.

Jackd, I really like that thunder creek minnow, looks like it would be just as affective, and much easier to tie. I originally thought about just using a marker pen for the parr marks but thought it was kind of like cheating, but now I think it probably makes more since.

S Fontinalis, those eye's are awesome but pretty pricy, I haven't seen them before. I can think of a few patterns that they would be killer on. I use the bead heads mainly for the extra weight, I've also tied them with just epoxy heads as well.

Steve Knapp, I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with, be sure and post a pic when you're finished.
Mark et al: The fact of the matter is that, given the opportunity, no cutthroat with even an ounce of sense would refuse any of these patterns! :) I do like the idea of using eyes on flies although I can remember a time, way back when,that I hesitated about using a nail and paint to make eyes on streamers thinking that is was too much like making lures and not real fly tying. Go figure. Today, just look at all the foam and plastic and rubber and epoxy etc. etc. we (and I too) use on flies.