Moving, See Ya On The Wetside


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After a year of consideration and bouncing back in forth in terms of options, I'm moving the family to Portland. Probably live in the Sandy area. Living without year round steelheading is no way to live. Leaving mid-May. Ill stick around though.


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Good luck with the move. Portland ain't a bad place. I lived near there for a bit back in the mid seventies; in Happyrock (Gladstone). There was a decent steelhead run right just above the freeway overpass.


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If year round steelheading is the issue, I'm not sure your opportunities will be much different, altho your options will be. I recall the retired IDFG biologist saying he had taken CW steelhead in every month of the year.

You'll have convenient access to the Deschutes, so that's gonna' work. Coastal OR has been fishing pretty consistent the past few seasons. I have never fished it, but knowledgeable folk I talk to say that it's predominantly a nymphing show, with a lot fewer pieces of good swing water.

Let us know when you land, and you can run up to the Cowlitz, and I'll show you some swing water.



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Salmon, that's true, but those fish are miniscule in terms of trying to target them. 90% of your fish are going to be traditional summer arrivals. Sandy, clack, hood, Klick, coast, santiams....etc... Id say my options are considerably better. The sandy alone makes it worthwhile.
Good for you Adam! Salmo, there is plenty of swing water on the OC, but sometimes you need to look a bit outside the box to find it. I just wish I had more time to explore it.