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in the columbia basin is there 1 or 2 or 3 chironimids that catch the most fish in the spring? what is the best color? thanks, mike w


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Mike W-

Just use this one.;)

Recipe (added per request)
Hook: Daiichi 1120 #18 (I also tie them in #14 and #16)
Bead: White-enamel-painted brass
Thread: 8/0 Uni black
Wire: Extra fine red
Superfloss: black (but, I just use the thread base on #18s)
Head cement is liberally applied to the (black) thorax to get a glossy effect.


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There are probably around fifty species of chironomids (chironOmids) in Washington, all varying in size and color. Roger's picture shows the popular "ice cream cone" style. Here are pictures of some live chironomid pupae and some other imitations.
chiro pupa jpeg.jpg DSCF4247.JPG DSCF4264.JPG DSCF4288.JPG midge pupa3.jpg


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Also my go to mid is black thread, black bead, white ultra wire rid, peacock thorax, pearl mylar over wing and white Ostrich for gills