More Fishing License/discovery Pass Confusion?


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I am so confused about what passes I need I took a second morgage out on the house and purchased all 67 of them. Now there is so much crap hanging in the windshield of my truck I can't see to drive. After buying all the passes I am broke and with the price of gas now days I might as well stay home.


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Rick and Everyone. I just hung the phone up with WDFW. It is true, they DID take away our previous right to park two different cars (noting the space on my old license for car #1 and #2) for 2012. So they did try to screw us! The guy from WDFW on the phone minutes ago, assured me that the proposal is to reinstate the two cars for your Fishing License Access Pass also when the governor signs the final bill. Until then, you DID LOSE your right to park and use two different cars at a WDFW boat launch site! :mad: Amazing....... How and the heck did I overlook that screw job?..........Now you know. When the bill passes, you will be able to write in the extra license number on your fishing license.


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I may just be getting lucky, but I have never filled in the license plate numbers on my passes and I have yet to get a ticket or warning. I think it is ridiculous and complained to my representatives. They said it was not the intent to limit the # of vehicles per pass and one even noted they did not believe restricting a pass to one car would withstand a legal challenge and was working to get that changed. It is absolutely ridiculous that it is not transferable between vehicles. If my car is stolen or I sell it, I should not have to buy another pass. I would think the same principles would apply to the access site pass as well.

I just purchased mine as well, got home and saw they have made it for just one vehicle. Looked online and it states that the
new WDFW access pass is for one vehicle only, just like the current discovery pass. Being a bit pissed off I called DFL to wine about it and he said he had just posted this thread, I don't see how this will increase revenue for the state, it states that you can't buy a extra access pass anyway (not that anyone would) so whats the reason? Thanks.....WDFW


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Thanks for calling Larry, and letting everyone know whats going on. What did they think.... we wouldn't notice?
I didn't discuss it further after he told me that the governor was going to sign the Passes, it will apply to both. I was too pissed off to jump on someone and ruin their day. Imagine that!!!! Dryflylarry ruining someones day??!!!!!! :D


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So what is with the Discover Pass?
I would only take my boat to the WDFW access points.

I get so confused.
You only need your yellow Fishing License tag in your window. You don't need a Discover Pass at those WDFW Access Sites. If you do not have a fishing license, and you want to park with your lover at a WDFW boat launch site, you need a Discover Pass to just kiss your honey in their parking lot! You need a Discover Pass in the State Parks and probably some, but I don't think, all, Dept. of Natural Resource Lands. I personally have a Senior Access Pass for National Forests and National Parks because I am an old guy now. So, I don't know what that costs you younger lads! Mine was $10 for life!


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I hope they never require a liscense/pass for each rod you own...Officer: "Mr. fly fisherman, may I see your liscense for your 5 weight and the 4 weight you have on the bank behind you?" .... it would be the ruination of many of us gear hog enthusiasts!

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Damn, why should something so simple be so complicated? Wait, I think I know the answer...

I am one of those that never filled in a license number on the Discovery Pass. I have three vehicles that I could use, one being a motor home. If they are registered in my name, all vehicles should be subject to the same pass - period!

I know they are sturggling for revenue but leave us alone if we make a good intention attempt to buy the darn passes....


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The WDFW and Discover passes are for different purposes. If the launches you are visiting are in a state park, the you need the Discover Pass or the campground receipt. If it is a WDFW launch, you need the WDFW pass but not the Discover Pass.


If it is a WDFW launch, you need the WDFW pass OR THE Discover Pass -- either will work in that situation. The key is the the pass that comes with your fishing license is ONLY valid at WDFW properties. The Discover Pass is valid at WDFW sites, State Parks and DNR facilities.

And yes, when the revised Discover Pass bill becomes law, your exist pass can be exchanged for a new two-car version. NOTE: The Discover Pass revision bill will either be signed by the Gov. or become law automatically Saturday -- 30 days after the regular leg session ends -- unless formally vetoed.

Here's a good round-up of what's in the new Discover Pass:


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I couldn't shut my pie hole when I discovered our fishing license is no longer valid for two vehicles like it always has been. They were intending to take that away! In fact, they did, until the governor signs that one also, besides the Discover Pass. If this was in previous discussions, forgive me for bringing this back up! Now I'll shut my pie hole. :)
I believe the WDFW Vehicle Access Pass (VAP) went to one vehicle to be similar with the Discover Pass. I asked a couple of WDFW folks when there was talk of tweaking the Discover Pass to allow for two vehicles, if the VAP would follow. They didn't even know that the VAP went from two to one vehicle. If I hear anything new, I'll let you know.

When I get my new license, I'll probably do what Salmo g is doing, or I won't bother to write a license plate number.


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I believe the WDFW Vehicle Access Pass (VAP) went bye-bye. Starting last July, folks were to get a Discover Pass. However, the VAP was going to be honored for those that got them before the Discover Pass came into effect. If what I'm saying is correct, the pass you got with your new fishing license is the Discover Pass, but since no bill has been signed into law for either two or possibly more vehicles, it's currently only valid for one vehicle.
I believe you are incorrect.