Creek Company Frameless Pontoon?

Does anyone know anything about this new Creek Company Voyager frameless pontoon boat? Are the Scadden frameless boats that much better? Or are they both junk?

Would the Creek Company Voyager work okay for lakes?

Seems to be a lot of argument on if the Scadden frameless pontoon boats are the greatest things ever or total junk. Hoping to get answers from owners on the Scadden boats on how well they row, any problems, would they buy one again.



John or "LC"
I doubt that even the Southern Oregon frame/'toon builders that like to drop in and dump on Scadden would venture to say that Creek Company is the same quality. With that said, it's $400 less and looks pretty good. Doesn't come with quite as many accessories, doesn't have the same stated weight capacities, doesn't have the same warranty. Is there $400 difference? Up to the individual purchaser. Would be great to see them side by side. The Renegade is a little longer and looks better, but that $400 factor is still there. Creek Company builds a lot more boats than Scadden and I think most CC owners are at least satisfied. After owning one Scadden boat for just a few months I will say that I'd spend the extra money. His designs are better and resale is outstanding, largely due to the warranty. So, $400 really isn't $400 over time.
I have a creek company and my friend has a sadden. Both are pontoons and both work well. I will say that unless you plan to use a scadden for serious class three or four white water or have a long multiple day float trip where you need the extra 200 pound weight capacity, no reason to buy a sadden. In my opinion the creek company is a great boat for the person who only get out once a month or so to fish, with the occasional multiday trip. When I bought my boat i could only afford cc. Either way you decide to go, I'm sure you will be satisfied with your decision. I don't want to come across as bashing sadden, just want to defend creek company. They make a good product and deserve some credit. I've had my toon for 7 years and it's treated me well.
Thanks for the replies. From the pictures the Renegade definitely looks nicer, but it would be nice to see the Voyager in person.
One thing that looks a little odd on the Voyager is the way the foot bar just slides into fabric loops. Probably okay, but just seems like it would be hard to fix if it failed.

LCnSac, which Scadden boat did you get? Is it one of the frameless ones? If so, how does it track in still water?


John or "LC"
Renegade, and on still water it tracks well. I think any u-shaped boat with large pontoons will.

Correction for #2 above--I believe the CDC does come with a lifetime warranty. That makes a difference. Both Outcast and Creek Company appear to be copying Scadden designs. Would be interesting to have a detailed shootout for Renegade vs. Voyager, Assault vs. Commander.

I do wish Scadden specs were more detailed. It's hard to accurately compare without them.


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I'm interested to see a hands on review of the Creek Co frameless as well. I don't need a high class rapids rated boat for SW Washington, but I worry about durability. The price point is perfect though--so is the weight. I've been watching for a used watermaster for some time, but if the creek co stands up to some vetting I may go that route.
I don't own a Scadden but I know that they're good boats. But goddamn, they just look like toys to me. They look like they belong in my pool. I've seen a few in person and the way the oars attach look like trouble. Has there been any cases of the oarlocks coming off the rafts?



John or "LC"
Those oarlocks are pretty standard now in boats of similar size. I think Outcast, Watermaster, and Creek use them too. I'd be concerned in big water only.
The oars on the Scadden boats are done the same way as on Watermasters, Waterstriders, Wilderness Access EXP's and the old Abel Travel Crafts--no problems that I am aware of. I've never had an issue with mine.

The new Creek Company boat is on display at Cabelas; it is nice, but I think there is a difference and a reason the Scadden costs more.


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Our Cabela's has had three of the CC returned and the Scadden exchanged for them with money difference.
Sometimes, you really do get what you pay for...LOL They are no where near the quality, but if you only use it once in awhile, go for it. That is why they are there. You will be sitting IN the water so plan on wearing waders and the drag as the footprint is larger. Any of the Scadden including the Escape will be more responsive and easier to row because of this.

Again, the Oars locks on Scadden are the same as WM and WS, and no one questions them.

Not everyone can afford Scadden out of the gate and for that reason, it is good that these knock offs are available. Just makes one appreciate Scaddens more;-)


John or "LC"
That is a good point. The Escape is the same cost, more accessories, has higher weight capacity, you sit out of the water and it has the same water ratings as the Creek boat. It is two feet shorter however so I would imagine rowing is less efficient and there are limitations to moving water. I didn't realize how being elevated is not only much more comfortable but reduces drag dramatically, until I got the Renegade. Sitting low and wet has been a complaint with the majority of 'toons in this $500 -$1000 price bracket.


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I think a major consideration should be the bladder material. I believe CC boats are simply PVC bladders. If you get a chance, look at how those PVC bladders are constructed and how the seams come together. If you feel comfortable with that type of construction with you and your gear out on a body of water, than they are probably the way to go. But I'd make sure I had my life jacket on at all times.



John or "LC"
I thought I saw that too. DKL is correct. From the Creek Company website:
8 Feet long, 16-inch diameter Heavy-Duty PVC nylon outer cover with a 30 gauge PVC Main Bladder fitted with a Boston Valve.

Certainly wouldn't be anyone's first choice, but there are a lot of Fish Cats out there with essentially the same thing, but made by Aire.


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I saw the one at Cabela's. Just many features did not interest me. The foot bar holder is loops of the material (PVC stuff) sewn on. The room behind the seat lacking, specially for 8'er. As I mentioned and even look at the pictures on their site, you sit in the water (like on a ODC, SFC, FC, etc) Now if this was $399 I can see it, but just my choice.
If you are on a budget and family, then this could be right choice.