Built A Drift Boat


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It is obvious that the skill, talent, and thought you put into creating your beautiful boat, were well above the norm. A good friend also helps, as you pointed out, Rev.

We had a set of plans for the hull. Went to Red's a lot and measured a lot of boats stored there & got ideas. Boat weights about 450lbs. Bought some stuff from Willys, Clackacraft & Hyde to trick it out. Pro airplane painter painted it with aircraft paint.
All I can say is, SWEET! And NICE JOB! Now take that that buddy's, garage-crafted, outstanding example of a driftboat out and get 'er wet and catch some fish. Look forward to seeing that masterpiece on the river. Nicely done.
Had a guy give me an old boat and trailer. All we kept was the title, the hubs and the leaf springs. Built he rest from scratch. Measured some trailers at Reds and and added a couple of tweeks.
Here's a piece that Kiro news did a while back on my friend Mitch who I built the boat with. He still owns the Russian Yak featured in the video and flies it out of the Yakima Airport.

Rick Todd

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I'm thinking of adding the PVC rod tubes to my wooden drift boat. What did you use for the fabric liner? It is a truly beautiful boat. Nice work! Rick


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Wow tips from clack-willy-and hyde!

Owning 4 drift boats over the years I'm really interested in the deminsions?
It looks like you made the back from the oarsman seat back thinner then say a guide model willy's, also the front deck and back box look smaller then normal? was this for more room in the boat or did you take the width out of the bottom in these places for faster handling?

I started with a 13 ft. wood dory then went to a diamond back standard bottom 16' er, and then to a willy's guide model 16' and now have a 14 ft. lavro with 48 in. bottom.

The 16 ft. diamond back standard bottom was by far the fastest moving, handling boat for 16' I ever rowed with it's standard width bottom. the problem was when people would lean the boat! it leaned alot more then the guide model but was so fast for small rivers in fast current - loved that boat -

So I was just wondering and thinking If I could build one I would want stability with speed of handling which would make for a longer thinner bottom in back like it looks like you did.

What width bottom did you go with and how long is the boat? the oarsman seat looks fixed with a back where I have seen new models with seats like this being on sliders? also it looks like you went with the fiberglass runners for the seats, I just put these in my lavro and love them and thought right away that I wished both my alum. drifters had these fiberglass runners because they are so quite and much easier to use. did you use the quick release seat mounts? also how long are your oars for the width? I like shorter oars for faster maneuvering. sweet-ass boat just really interested on how you came to set it up different from all the factory boats!