Outlaw Assault Accessories And Anchor Mount

Well Thanks to all the great info I've received on this board I am nearly done my upgrades to my assault.
I have added a lowrance mark 4 finder/gps with navionics, minn Kota traxxis 55lb thrust variable speed motor, NFO motor mount, Marine smart box with a group 27 deep cycle battery, two glue on Scotty mounts with flyrod holders.
I also have a Scotty anchor mount and need help on where to mount this.
I'm considering either the Assault or Assault XX w/ trolling motor/battery combo. Does your boat have enough room for a 72# Lab plus everything else ?
Why did you choose the 55# thrust and group 27 batt? I was considering a MotorGuide 40# VariMax and group 24 for less weight on the Assault and your setup for the larger XX model.
I plan to put the battery in the front w/ longer cables to better balance the weight load. Any thoughts on that?

With the assault you will not have room for a dog with a battery and motor. You would need to go with the rampage or challanger to have enough room. As for why I choose the motor/battery combo I did lets just say I would rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it! I was also wondering about mounting the battery up but not sure how I would go about it. It would scare me to mount it with just straps. I would hate to have it go to the bottom of the lake. I was also considering putting on a different seat with a swivel but not sure how well that would work.
Then it will be an Assault XX.
When I had a Hobie Revolution, I used a plastic milk crate for a battery box and mounted vertical rod holders to the sides. Portable, lightweight, and easy to tie down.