NFR Favorite Ipa (preferably Wa, Mt, Id, Or)

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I just looked up the letter IPA and there are so many different meanings for those letters you can't imagine. I believe that people can't talk with out a few Acronyms thrown into their sentences to confuse us old people.

I know this post isn't about beer but I had to throw it out there.

Now I'm going to have to print out that sheet about Acronyms so I can understand what in the hell everybody is saying about nothing.


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Green Flash West Coast IPA
Midnight Sun Sockeye Red IPA
Elysian Prometheus IPA

Collin's Pub at the bottom of the Smith Tower in Seattle is an excellent pub if you are into trying new IPAs or craft beers in general for that matter.

o mykiss

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Brew Free or Die IPA (by 21st Amendment Brewery in SF) is my personal fav now for an every day IPA. For special occasions, Gubna Imperial IPA by Oskar Blues (but it is spendy).


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India Pale Ales were originally pale ales which had been hopped above and beyond the levels of normal pales. During the period of the British raj, these ales were shipped to India and became a favorite of Tommy Atkins while eh was stationed there and, of course, he brought his taste for the extra hops home with him. The IPAs were heavily hopped in order to help preserve them during the long, slow and often hot, voyage from England to India. Humulin, one of the active ingredients of the hop, is an excellent preservative.

I have a bit of a problem with the recently introduced "dark" IPAs. Wouldn't a dark IPA become an IDA?