Sage GFL 389 Value?

Sage GFL 389-4

I have the "highly sought after," (from what I've seen) Sage GFL 389-4 LL, 3 weight 8'9" 4 piece that I've been considering selling, for the right price. It's in pretty good condition, just normal wear and tear. I'm just wondering if any of you have an idea of what a fair price might be?

Kent Lufkin

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Depends on whether it's an original from the 1990s or one of the limited-edition 'reissued' ones Sage made and marketed about 10 years ago. The reissued rods had a number engraved into the end of the butt cap. The edition was for 500 rods, so the engraved number would be from 001 to 500. Seems to me the reissues had a black tube and copper-colored sock instead of the putty-colored tube and teal colored sock that came with the original LLs.

I'm no expert but it's my understanding that Sage didn't make very many of the original LLs in the 4-piece configuration. If that's your rod, then it'll probably be worth a bit more than a reissue (which were all 389-4s if I'm not mistaken).

With trout season fast approaching and the weather getting nicer, your timing for selling is pretty good and your rod will likely fetch more than if you were trying to sell it in early fall. Assuming you've got a factory rod in average condition with the original Sage sock and tube (not a 'custom' wrapped blank) I'd think a price in the $400-$500 range for an original or $300-$350 for a reissue would be fair. OTOH, if you've got an original in great condition and find two or three knowedgeable guys who each want it, it could go for a lot more.

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Thanks for the info, it's much appreciated. It is the original factory rod from the 90s with original putty colored tube and "reddish" sock. You confirmed what I was thinking a fair price might be. I'll probably put it up in the classys in a week or two. Thanks again.

Jim B

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Didn't the 389 LL come out originally as a three-piece rod? I remember Gary Sandstrom selling alot of them in the late 80s/early 90s at the Morning Hatch in Tacoma.


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I have seen original 490-4's for sale, more than there must have been 4 piece too...not sure in the 389 version.