NFR Mumbles the Moderator? You have to be kidding me!

Ed Call

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Easy tough guy. Consider me more like the custodian. My cleanup skips are okay, beyond that I'm limited. Besides, someone needs to keep smartasses like you in check. Wait, the members do that. Yeah, I'm here for the light work.

Chris Scoones

Staff member
A welcome addition to the custodian team.

We don't have that many moderating tasks beyond cleaning up the occasional spammer / spambot. Having another set of eyes on it is a good thing.

Thanks, Ed.


Old Man

Just an Old Man
I'll still give him a hard time. I think he puts his pants on like I do. One leg at a time.

I've seen Mods come and go here. Maybe he has a few more smarts than some others here.


Eyes to the sky...
I think he puts his pants on like I do. One leg at a time.
I've shared a campsite or had him crash at my place many times. I can attest to the fact that Ed does NOT put pants on one leg at a time. He has an elaborate system for putting his pants on (he calls it re-pantalooning). It involves a trampoline, 3 trained teacup poodles, and a tub of crisco. It's creepy. He's a great family man and friend, but we took our families camping a while back. Both my kids saw his bizzarre re-pantalooning ritual. This was a year ago. If matty sees a trampoline, he won't talk for hours, and when 'Roo hears a dog bark, he sobs uncontrolably and asks over and over again "why did the bald man make the puppies slippery?" So Ed's a great guy, and I'm glad he's a mod. But don't jump to conclusions about the way he does things until you know him better.