raft floors

does anyone else have issues with their inflatable floors in a self bailer? i have a vortex pvc floor and just cant get it pumped hard enough to be comfortable to stand on. would 3" ethafoam work instead?
ed, i was thinking more like ethafoam in a one inch layer right overtop. or simply taking the stock floor out and replacing with a highpressure one. im just not sure how the fit will effect the bottom when drifting.

Ed Call

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No experience with foam, sorry. Just thinking a thin rigid board atop the inflated floor ads protection and spreads weight. Feet should not "sink" into the soft floor. Best of luck.


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I have had suspended plywood floors in the past. Actually works great. Cut holes/slots in strategic spots around the edge so you can suspend the plywood sections from frame or d rings as needed. Suspend so they just sit on the floor. Be sure to sand the sections after cutting to fit and then paint or finish with a waterproof stain. You can roll on a cheap "home use" bedliner product or just use the no slip sandpaper tape to mitigate the slippery factor. I wouldn't use them in big whitewater though as they can create a foot entrapment hazard in the event of a flip. If you must use them in big whitewater just run another batch of straps down to your drain holes in the floor to keep the plywood sections from popping up in a flip. Adds a little weight but a cheap easy fix.