Caption with video. (This is not me).

"So I learned a lesson about fly fishing with bananas today...they are super bad luck! Randy warned me in the morning about the banana issue, but the fishing was so good I sis not believe it. After today, I am a total believer. In the afternoon, I was helping Randy re-rig and laid my rod near the bank like I have done hundreds of times. When I was finished, I turned around and did not see my thousand dollar fly rod set up? My heart stopped. I thought there could be no way the rod floated away (rods usually sink and just set in 3 inches of water), but it did! Unfortunately, the ice shelves just downstream were thick and several feet deep.

Randy and I searched for what seemed to be forever. I carved out a stick and began scrapping furiously under as many ice shelves as I could. After I wore myself out, I turned to Randy and was about to give up. As I did, I see a pink thingamabobber barely poking out of the shelf. There it was! I ran over to it and started pulling on the line. Of course, the reel just spun and I took in handfuls of my new Supra Fly Line. But then the line stopped and the rod was jammed under a boulder and deep in the shelf. Now what? We walked back to the car and got the tire iron. I was not going to give up. I used a rock and the tire iron to slowly chip at the shelf. After going cave man on the ice block I was finally able to get to the tip of the rod and pull it out. What an idiot...NEVER fish with a banana in your pack!!!!"