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Fished most of the morning at Lenice on Saturday. It was quite windy early, but settled down by the middle of the day to a breeze. I did not see many fish being caught. Most were fishing with Chronomids, but a few with leech.

Three of us were working the east end shoreline and it was difficult casting into the wind. I got 5 (one on a damsel!) all 20-21 inches and one of my partners got three. I would consider it a hard fishing day.

As the weather warms, the Chronomids will come on and the fish will begin moving into the shallows where the activity will be fun in a couple weeks.

There were about 20 cars in the lot when we came out.

Good Luck! Al :pROFESSOR


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Update on Lenice

Enjoyed a beautiful day Tuesday at Lenice. Worked the northeast section behind the islands. The Chronomids really started working mid-day and the action perked up where ever the fish were consentrating. Throwing to the gulpers was fun and finally got me interested as it was slow early.

About 10 cars when I came out so there is plenty of space on the water.

Landed 5 and lost several others - all 20-21". Saw a number of other fisherman land fish so all was not lost.

Update on Lenice

Fished there on Monday. About 5 cars in the lot. 6-7 tubes/boats on the lake. Because of the wind out of the NE, most guys were on the north side fishing chironomids hiding from the wind among the islands. I stayed on the south side and fished the SE corner using damsels and leeches. Fished 5 hours and got 11 fish (largest was 22" and smallest was 12"). Caught everything up tight to the bank in shallow water which was about 1-2 degrees warmer than the water near the drop offs. The fish seemed to have a marked preference for damselfy nymphs when the sun was out and then switched to black leeches when clouds moved in....or at least that seemed to work best for me.