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More inconsistencies by WDFW..... Almost every river on their list has threatened or "depressed" status, and rarley meet their escapement goals....yet they still allow fishing on most all of these rivers.... Catch and keep or catch and release. So to put it mildly... WDFW is consistently inconsistent

Well kind of inconsistent. I'm not aware of any targeted fisheries on these on threatened populations of steelhead. There are incedental impacts from fisheries trargeted at other species. So, there is a distinction that is meaningful to the Feds, but when it comes down to it, it still translates to impacts. There is a lot of support for allowing incedental take in order to sustain harvest on heathy populations. And, even if they don't end up meeting escapement, the pre-season forecast might have indicated differently, and that's what the based a opening decision on.

The probelm for us is that DFW doesn't value C&R. They go to great effort and allocate portions of allowable take in order to allow people to exploit (bonk) 'harvestable surplus' of healthier species. But, they won't make the effort to allocate additional impacts to c&r. Just doesn't rank high enough on their priority list/constituent give away hierarchy.


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Thanks for the update reminder. Old timer's disease must be getting to me. Of course there's the 2008 plan. I just forgot about it yesterday. Must have had "Occupy" on my mind.



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Freestone - Yes there are ESA issues that have to be considered for any Puget Sound basin steelhead fishery. Curt
Thanks Curt!

Like it or not guys, the trick will be to figure out how to work within these impacts. The extra C&R take (the % ascribed to it, not what you think it ought to be) will have to come from somewhere. Some other fishery will have to be impacted and many of these other users groups fight for their allocation way louder than we do. The squeeky wheel gets the grease, or should I say the take, so go be squeeky!


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