Meat Grinders

David Prutsman

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Alright gents, I need some help finding a decent meat grinder. I have tried to do some online research but there is so much out there and I am too ignorant to make any sense of it all; please educate me!

What should I look for?
What will $250 buy me?
What do you use/recommend, and why?
What brands should I avoid?
Best bang for the $$$?
Motor size, what does it mean?
Important attachments?

I typically harvest several animals a year (deer, elk, antelope) and would like to play around with making my own burger and sausage. I don't know that I need anything on a "professional" type level, but then again I'm ignorant.... Obviously, durability is a concern. I've used cheap department store brands and they clogged and couldn't process pork fat, I would prefer to avoid that headache again!

Also any advice (books, recipes, kits) for sausage making would be appreciated. I'm excited to begin experimenting.

If you have a Kitchen Aide mixer you can get a grinder that attaches to the power take off on the front. You can get a stuffer for it also. You're probably looking for something a little more heavy duty, but it's a option.


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I tried the Kitchen attachment and kept clogging up.

I bought a Cabelas 3/4 hp grinder. I grind about 200 lbs or more of meat a year. I would suggest to buy at least a 1/2 hp grinder.

Many good sausage recipes found on google. I prefer fresh recipes.