Any ideas for fly fishing rivers near Olympia?

Flyfishing Dad

displaced Alaskan
"Whadaya' mean? I totally gave it away. You should have seen all the PMs I got for being a "kiss-and-tell" fisherman. Maybe you need a better map. Or better map reading skilz?"

Nah, map reading "skilz" are fine. Just didn't realize I needed the map written in hieroglyphics.
I fished the Little Deschutes around Pioneer Park area on Saturday and fished it hard. I only caught 3 little cutthroat fry. Barely 4-5 inches. Feisty little bastards though :) Also yelled at at least 3 people blatantly poaching with powerbait and worms! Figured thats why I could only hook a little guy because they get poached out pretty hard in that area. I doubt the people I yelled at even had a license. It such a shame that people like that just dont care. :mad:
I also fished the little d this sat with the wife I was getting pounded by the tubers tho and my fishing waters got destroyed by all the beer cans floating down the river.