Tying scissors - straight or curved?

Kent Lufkin

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One of the posts in another thread on newbie tying tools recommended buying curved scissors. Is there an advantage to using curved ones or is it just one of those things you get used to and end up always using?

Old Man

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I like the straight ones myself. But I need to find some that really cut close on small flies. It looks like hell when you tie up a size 16 or 18 and have something sticking out that you can't cut off.



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Jim, Try a pair of Dr. Slick 4" Micro Tip scissors for $14.99. They can be found on page 94 of the new Cabela's Flyfishing Catalog. They will easily cut individual fibers or tiny stickups. Just don't drop them on a hard floor! Curved scissors? No. Rotary vise? yes. Ive

Tim Cottage

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With a bit of dexterity you can cut a curve with straight scissors but try to cut straight with curved scissors and you will find it much more difficult.

There are other qualities that are more important than the over-all shape and for the average tyer, Dr. Slick has them all.
I think we are very fortunate that Dr. Slick came on the scene a few years ago. Good quality, reasonable price, extensive selection.
I'm sure that Dr. Slick must be pretty happy too, about hitting the right market with the right products at the right time.



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love the straight thompson scissors but they cost over $20. for deer hair i use a double edged razor blade with an old pair of leather gloves.

Hal Eckert

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Straight, tried to curved and use them occassionally but like the straight better.


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