NFR What kind of bear...?

From this angle, a hunter could be in some serious doo doo. The ears look rounded (from this angle) and the face looks dished, but this could be because of the tree branch. If it is dished with rounded ears, more likely a small griz. Like others have pointed out, the color is really not that helpful.


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I have hunted and killed a lot of bear as well as lived in very Grizz rich enviros. and would have to get some better looks on this guy before pulling the trigger. At first glance I thought, Black, then upon closer inspection it could be a Juvenile Grizz. No one can tell with the angle of the photo exactly if that guy is Grizz or Black

I've seen grizzlies where from various angles, the hump is not that apparent, especially with juveniles. And, I spent about an hour watching a beautiful adult brown phase black bear that first caught my attention because in a certain pose, it looked like it had a hump. It was just the position it was standing in. The jury's out on this youngster. Interestingly, Montana requires bear hunters to take an online class and pass a test before they can be issued a black bear tag. The more I look at this guy, it looks like the small thin tree goes all the way down past the snout and that makes it look like the face is dished. If I had to guess, I'd say Roper got lucky and saw a griz.

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This sound just like fishing. If you weren't there how can you all tell what it is from a picture. I think it is a bear and would eat you if it got the chance. Nuff said.

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I'd need more photos to call it. With the face like that, it could be a young-very young-griz. The angle's bad regarding any hump, but they're not pronounced in the kiddies though.


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We had a clear face on look at this bear before he turned away and headed east. It did not have a flat head/nose like photos of black bears I've seen. Its face was round and the ears were also quite round and an obvious forehead/eyebrow. Not knowing much about bears I've had to do online research to try and nail this one. I've got to say it looks more brown bear than black...who knows for sure...


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There is also a (I know this is confusing) white black bear native to a small part of coastal BC called a Kermodie.
When I lived in Yosemite we had a bear living under our canaopy tent. He was blonde and scared my neighbor every morning. We also had a spotted skunk live under there too. They even have blue bears in Canada they like a blueish grey.