Shady Cady Report

Go Fish

Language, its a virus
Johnny and I got to Cady at 10am to an empty lot. Fish rising here
and there. Started of with a size 12 green caddis and
got one right off the launch about 16 inches. Nothing for a
while until we changed to leeches. Fish were at about 15 feet down.
John got two and I got 6. All fish 16 to 20 inches. Most were like
pulling in logs with little or no fight however a few (3) put up great battles.
The ones the were worth the fight looked healthy, the others were more
mutated and had a milky yuck to them.

Could of caught alot more but if I wanted to fight logs I
would be home stacking the firewood in my driveway.
I'll wait till fall to fish it again.




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White yuck often mans someone handled the fish w/dry hands removing the slime that protects the fish's skin from disease.