7wt too light for Chum?

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Jordan Simpson, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. There is a mix of chum and coho as well as bulls right now in one of my local rivers and feel that a 10wt single-hand is a little over-kill for the coho and bulls, but know if I get into a chum it would be okay.

    That being said, my next lower rod weight is a 7wt Switch which is 'similar' to a 9wt (Redington CPX 7113-4).
    Has anyone ever hooked into a chum by accident with a 7wt and did you do okay?
  2. Landed plenty of chum on an 8wt single hand 9'. You should be fine. 15lb maxima and a strong drag
  3. I landed dozens of the on my 6wt single hander as bycatches.. Just put the rod down and to the side and never up and you can get them in no problem. Always work downstream when possible and let them fight you and the current.
  4. I landed probably a dozen chums on my 10ft' 7 weight single hander without breaking it so I think your good on the switch. Turning them can be relatively difficult in fast water however.
  5. 7wt switch....here is a pic of one of many caught image.jpg
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  6. great pic, whats that fly?
  7. Met a great guy on the river and we swapped some flies...he called it "The Taco", his own creation I believe.
  8. Just make sure the backing is 30# if you don't want to lose your fly line.
  9. a fish taco perhaps?
  10. i use an 8 wieght sage slt single hander and some poopy echo rod 7wt both have had no problems with chum. even with the occasional dorsal fin hook ACCIDENTAL HOOKUP
  11. It's obviously a pink taco
  12. LMFAO! Everyone loves the pink taco....until it smells like moldy chum
  13. Or have a 12-15 lb leader (less than your backing).

    8 wt single handers are the "standard" chum rod so a 7wt switch should be fine. Moldy chum pink taco....mmm, mmm. :p
  14. I would not trust 15# maxima to break before 20# backing.
  15. Totally agree! Better step down to 12, better yet 10.
  16. My point was that 30 lb backing isn't really necessary if you don't already have it. But yeah, I usually use 10-12.
  17. Yeah, I handled them alright that day- the 7wt was more than fine.

    As for Maxima, it really is redics. I think we did it with 15lb test and it broke at the 23lb mark, and after being stretched during the test, it still held around 18 or 19lbs.

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