8 flys to start for saltwater cuthroat fishing ?

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Sculpin Master, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. begining to build a core assortment for saltwater cuthroat.

    where should I start ?

    What are 8 to 10 must have flies to get started for the puget sound.

    I will ad to the assorment over time but I need something to start with.

    I have 6 weight saltwater rod
  2. One of the best Fisherman I ever knew, my Yoda for Mexico fishing, only carried deceivers in white, and olive and white. He would ALWAYS outfish everyone. His reasoning was he liked easy decisions.

    You don't need eight. More like 4, and one's a euphasid, and one's a popper.
  3. mumser12:

    It is hard to beat olive/white or chartreuse/white clouser minnow and top water sand lance patterns. But tie them on tubes since they are "gentler" on fish.

  4. I know from personal experience you will get excellent answers to your question from the folks who work at:

    From north to south: The Avid Angler, Orvis in Bellevue, Patricks Fly Shop, and Puget Sound Fly Co. Note: the last three are sponsors of this wonderful site. Other shops can help you as well, but the staff at four listed shops have very deep saltwater experience and will give you excellent advice. All can sell you quality flies and all but Orvis can sell you the materials to tie your own.
  5. Leland's Beach Popper.. nuff said... That's what we used today!
  6. This is word. A pattern or two you have faith in can be used year round. My tube wallet has probably 20 different fly patterns and I use maybe three. Pay more attention to reading water and your presentation. One of the best saltwater locals I know has been doing it for 60 years and uses only an olive woolly bugger.
  7. Miyawaki Popper
    Black over olive clouser
    Olive over white clouser
    Chartreuse over white clouser
    Pink over white clouser
    Chum Baby
    Thorn River Emerger
    Sand lance
    Flatwing streamer
  8. dont forget the jim dandy created by jim kerr, also known as the snot dart
  9. You might try my Popsicle Stick. I see Mumbles left it off his list! I've caught many a cutt on this fly. Basically, put something sexy in their face and they'll probably take it.
  10. Great list of flies. Clousers and mini-ceivers are a must. Head down to the Gig Harbor Fly Shop. They have an outstanding selection of SRC flies. I think eight different patterns are more than enough. I tend to fish two to four patterns at any given time of year.
  11. Nobody called out the bozo shock and awe yet. shock and awes are pretty much all I throw subsurface anymore out there.
  12. Crap, my apologies to the Popsicle stick and the Master with it. Must have indeed.
  13. Word.

    Include clousers in colors of your choice, as long as the color combo includes some color over white, and you're good.

    Keep it simple (says this guy with hundreds of flies and patterns, but keeps coming back to the same tried and true patterns . . . )
  14. First coho, blackmouth, and cutt to hand on a white/clear clouser tied by a pal with a Fishient Flash n' Slinky synthetic material. Roger Stevens also suggests his floating pattern be tied in all white due to rolling on it's side.

    I'm no bhagwan, but my box has 4 patterns, all of which are tied in small and medium sizes.
  15. What? You're going SRC fishing without a Knudsen spider?
  16. I have had a lot more success with the Knudsen spider and Mike Kinney reverse spider in the freshwater. Not so much in the salt from the beach. They are in my box, actually I have one box with nothing else in it. Maybe I'm doing something wrong from the beach?
  17. Kinney's reverse spider and a gurgurler are my go to fly's. If I'm not getting strikes on either of those two then there probably aren't fish in the area. I also like Miyawaki's popper, Larry's Popsicle, clousers, euphasids and chum babies.
  18. i mostly fish clousers, or sea run buggers. if the water is calm or if fishing is slow i love fishing sliders on top.

    right now im mostly throwing chum babies

  19. My go to's are clousers, kinney reverse spider, and a surface popper. I won't go without a surface fly any more.
  20. And if that isn't enough and you want your boxes to be full and more colorful. Buy Les Johnsons book and tie some of those many patterns which inlude many of those allready mentioned. good luck and Happy Fishin!!

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