8 SRCs in 5 minutes

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Rob Ast, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. That's right, I caught 8 SRCs in 5 minutes today, largest pushing 19". Only catch was, no rod was involved as this was on a day out with the Bainbridge Island near shore beach-seining survey. One haul of the 100ft seine right next to the Manchester fuel dock brought in 8 fat SRCs. from 156-383cm. No sea lice on any of them. Other sights garnered a large number of surf smelts, some nice starry flounder, tube snouts, bay pipefish, several sculpin species (staghorn, padded, and sharp nose), a midshipman, a large pile perch, multiple shiner perch, and a few other random fish. Also saw the early arriving wintering birds including a few loons, some long-tailed ducks (aka oldsquaw), Harlequins ducks, lots of scoters (surf, white-winged, and black), western grebes, common muirs, pigeon guillemots, and lots of cormorants. There were lots of gill-netters out in Puget sound, including one in Agate pass. All in all, a nice day on the water.
  2. ah man, you got me all excited there rob.
  3. I can't reel in that fast. Using 4X leader. :D
    It is fun when they are hitting.
  4. Sounds like a great day at the beach!

    Those were some exceptional cutthroat. I have never seen one anywhere near that size of those fish -LOL

    Tight lines
  5. Dirty netter.
  6. Great Rob , What an oportunity to see that much wildlife in one day. Thanks for the post! Happy fishin!!!
  7. Got me there curt - cm/mm - its all metric to me ;)
  8. Yep, Curt beat me to it. I would have liked to see that 10 foot long SRC!
  9. Now that was funny.

    Rob, did you take any pics of the fish? Pretty cool to see all of those birds out there too..
  10. Richard, unfortunately not. Usually we're working as fast as possible to minimize trauma to the fish. Also, didn't have my camera anyway.
  11. I agree. Another fishery going down the tubes due to netting. (Hiya, Rob! How's feeshin?)
  12. That's right! Even makes the gear guys look good.:rolleyes:

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