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  1. For SRC I have a WF/F line and a WF/F w/integrated sink tip. I became tired of the tangled intermediate line and with the gear I already had to carry, I was not going to use a stripping basket. Without a stripping basket, intermediate required false casting way more than necessary to get the intermediate line out of the water and I would get quickly fatigued. So, I got rid of the intermediate. Now, I can cast my 6wt for hours on end without fatigue.

    Fast forward to last Sunday, I head out with my 8wt and have some top water action with poppers and WF/F. This was good for the period between dawn and sunrise. It was time to switch up to subsurface flies and all I had was good old fashioned intermediate. All the reasons why I got rid of my 6wt intermediate come back to me. Of course, the 8wt is heavier all around...including my Hardy DD 8000 which is like a ferris wheel. I became fatigued and my cast fell apart.

    I am looking at shooting lines and became excited about the Rio Outbound, WF/FI. A weight forward, floating line with 15' of clear integrated intermediate and a shooting tip. Now, this doesn't have to be the end all option. I liked it because it was floating, so I would not require a stripping basket, had build in intermediate to get my line subsurface and the shooting head to limit false casts.

    So, what do you use? Anyone used this before? Should I look at sinking? I am a successful bait fisherman looking for more of a challenge, that is why I am in a toss up between intermediate and sinking. I will say, I would most likely put on a sinking tip on my WF/F line before buying $80 dedicated sink line. But...still I am not sure. Feedback is well appreciated.

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    Adrian Parker
  2. If you're looking at the outbound I suggest you try to cast the Outbound Short as well before buying. That line is a cannon. Will help w/ your shoulder fatigue.
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  3. There are lots of threads about lines for the beach so I'll let you dig those up rather than say the same stuff over again, but why no stripping basket!? To me it's a vital piece of gear for beach fishing! It straps to your waist so you don't have to carry it. Honestly, when I go to the beach I carry a small sling pack, rod/reel, and strap on a stripping basket...doesn't get much more simple than that gear-wise.

    Do yourself a favor and pick one up. I think you'll be glad you did.
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  4. I have the line you are thinking about in the OB short. Nice casting line, but I'm not much of a fan of just the last 15' being a intermediate tip.
    I bought it before Rio came out with a version that had a full 30' clear intermediate head, which is what I would have purchase.
    Where it does do well is if you want to fish pretty slow in shallow water situations like fishing for estuary chums.

    Another line to consider is the 40+. It has a 35' intermediate head. The line colors suck (orange running line / green opaque head), but the Ridge running line is money. It casts great and very rarely tangles.
    I fish the older versions with the clear head and they are my favorite beach lines. To bad Airflo discontinued make the 40+ intermediate with a clear head.

    SA Streamer Express is another option to consider. It has a 30' clear head.

    I'm with mtskibum on the stripping basket. I'd lose some gear and get a basket.
  5. I 2nd the stripping basket. if your going for pinks on the beach with so many others the basket is the way to go. your line is right there and ya won't be stepping on it nor will it float over to another person and it will be eaiser to cast. there's just a lot of reasons to use one. you can make your own real easy, takes about 30 min's and it's better then buying as they are not cheap.

  6. With no stripping basket, your line lays in the water, moves with the current, and collects seaweed and driftwood. That creates a lot of friction and drag to move. If you are looking for success, start there. I use an outbound short intermediate; one roll cast, one false cast and shoot the line. I use a 7 wt or an 8 wt. And rarely tire after 4 - 5 hours.
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  8. a stripping basket is your best friend on the beach!

    I use an outboud short intermediate running line and type 6 sinking head. Get below the wind chop, below the floating salad, and down to where the fish are. If the SRC aret on top, I feel like youre better off gong sinking line rather than intermediate. The outbound short is a cannon of a line( as previously stated) and the bonus of the faster sinking head is that you can effectively fish a lot more of the water column a lot more effectively. You should really consider a sinking line.

    When I lived in WA and fished for SRC a lot, I did great with floater/intermediate as long as I could visibly target fish. For blind searching, I did a lot better with the sinking line. Take Lincoln park beach fr example, that water slopes out to deeper water pretty quickly, and theres often a really nice rip off the point. THat beach is MADE for a sinking outbound short, unless the trout are crashing sand lance on the rocks.
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  9. Aw shiz
  10. In a similar situation as the original poster, in the market for a new 8 wt beach line.

    Sold on the RIO Outbound Short, but undecided between the F/S1 floating line with 30ft ultra slow 1 FPS sinking "hover" head, or the F/S1 full intermediate line with a 30ft clear colored head.

    Anybody used one or the other and have preference? And anybody attached a short polyleader to any OB short lines for deeper situations? Hoping to have that option even if it makes casts clunkier.

    Leaning towards full intermediate w/ 30 ft clear head, but that floating w/ 30 ft slow sink head is tempting too. Feedback appreciated.
  11. What are you planning to use it for? If it's salmon from the usual points of land with deepish water in casting range, I would say the full intermediate clear head for sure. That's what I fish with, and I'd be more likely to go with a faster sinking line before I went with one that sinks less/slower.
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  12. Basket: Check
    Rio OS (I) or (IS6): Check

    For the Beach I use Rio Outbound Short only as a matter of habit and have not tried other manufacturers. I also have the OS full float and F/S1.

    I have the "Hover" that I've used successfully in stillwater or a quiet estuary. I like it.
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  13. ...however, I've been experimenting with Airflo polyleaders and I am still working on the ideal line/leader combinations. I do like the better turnover on heavier flies I'm seeing with the polyleader (5 or 10ft).
  14. Gracias. I fish more points than I do cobble / gently slopping riparian beaches or estuaries (for salmon). Gonna go with full I.

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