Fishfinder set-up for pontoon boats


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Does anybody have a great set-up for a depthfinder for their pontoon boat that they would be willing to share. I think that I would like to use a better fishfinder than the Fishin'buddy that I have been using.
Here is how I set my fish inder up. The transducer wire has since been shortened and the wires have been loomed and secured to the frame.

Im in the same situation, looking to add my first ever fishfinder. Does having the bracket for the transducer cause uneven drag if mounted on the side of the pontoon instead of nearer the center like pale duns? Does location cause difference in performance?


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Pale Dun has an extremely sanitary set-up. I particularly like the transducer mount that pivots up and out of the way for transport or if it encounters an obstacle in the water. I see what looks like a full size battery box-perhaps a trolling motor is on board also.

But if you don't need or have a trolling motor here are pics of a setup using a small gel cell that fits in a box on the depth finder mount. It is self contained and very light weight and I might add inexpensive. The last picture answers the next question: What about a trolling motor mount? In this picture the small gray object at the top is a lightweight wheelchair battery that gives remarkable range with a 30# thrust trolling motor.

Most of my stuff gets built out of Baltic birch plywood and gets about 3 coats of marine varnish or paint and the motor mount is an example. It not only holds the motor but the anchor mount as well and has room for some other gear as well.


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And finally, a truly simple set-up for a Fishin' Buddy. I don't use this on my 'toon anymore so I shortened the shaft by 8" and use it only on my Super Fat Cat. The original long shaft shown here always got in the way and was a pain in shallow water.

Just thought I would show a couple of pictures of my set up inspired by what you've done here. My efforts are pretty much amateur hour, but have worked well enough for this summer.
I would have preferred to use a square piece of tube to attach the transducer because I think it would provide more surface area for the wing nut and washer to hold to the 1" nylon strap. Since I was not able to find anything like that, I went with 1 1/4" PVC piping. A couple of small pieces of wood spacers between the strap and the pontoon tube keep the setup vertical.



The head unit was simply mounted to a piece of wood which allowed me to find move it around a bit to find a optimal viewing spot.


Wiring was tucked was zipped tied and placed under one of the saddle bags. Battery
fits neatly in the saddle bag.

I hope to redo at least the head mount a little better for next year. Perhaps a glue on mount?