FS Fly Tying Equipment/Materials/4 vises Dyna-Kingfisher/Regal/Renzetti/HMH API

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Extensive Fly Tying Set up. Will sell all or part of entire package.

Dyna-Kingfisher Vise: Barracuda JR model. Comes with base, long and short main shaft, extra vise insert for smaller hooks, original box, allen wrench, etc. SOLD

Renzetti clamp on vise - this is an older vise, good shape SOLD

Regal clamp on vise - GREAT all around vise - hardly used.

HMH-API clamp on vise - COOL old, clamp on vise. (it's been brought to my attention that the C-clamp associated with this API vise is likely a DH Thompson Clamp)

2-3 scissors of different shapes and sizes
Hair Stackers
Hackle Pliers
Whip Finish tool
Dubbing Finish tools

TONS of Materials.
Salmon/Steelhead Large supply of Salmon specific materials. Bright colors, lots of threads, floss, flashabou, etc.
2 Foam Tool Organizers

Significant supply of trout specific materials. Multiple capes, threads, yarns, dubbing, etc.

I have sold two of the vises. I have the Regal and API remaining and much of the materials. There's a lot of stuff here. If someone wants everything that remains plus the tools, (I plan to keep 1 vise), $450 takes it all. TONS of great materials, much of which is new.

I have lots of pictures I can send to whoever is interested. I couldn't figure out how to make the images manageable from a size perspective but am happy to email.

Please either text at 425 785 8328 or email at caltig@comcast.net

To view all the pictures open the Zip File then open the first file that comes up. It contains 20 pictures of everything. Take a look and make and offer!



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I was gone for a couple of days and was tardy in responding to several questions. My aplogies. I have the API Vise, the Regal Vise and everything else that's NOT listed as SOLD above. I will break up the package at this point so let me know what you want and make an offer. Would still love to see someone make an offer for everything that remains. $450 takes it all! plus shipping
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