July Fly Salon

Sorry I didn't get on it sooner. I have been having some camera troubles, so all I have right now is some older shots.
Steelhead Wet Flies:
Looking forward to seeing some cool flies!


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Although Harry Lemire is always rmembered for his tied-in-hand Atlantic salmon flies, his legacy included a lot of interesting and innovative steelhead patterns as well. Best-known is probably the Grease-Liner, but here are a couple more; the Thompson River Caddis and the Fall Caddis. The two differ mostly in the Thompson River Caddis' use of pheasant "church window" feathers laid flat and the Fall Caddis' paired and tented hen hackle wings.


Some very nice flies posted so far, here are a few from July:
First, a Dunt Dee.

Next, a Skier, a Dee from the 1884 Fishing Gazette:

My first try at an Akroyd:

And an unnamed feather body of my own devising, but with some 'classic' inspiration:

Again, nice work gentlemen.