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Dropping my in the mail on Friday morning, I do not believe they will go out till Saturday because of the Memorial Service and the post offices being closed tomorrow. Just wanted to let you all know they are in the mail. Ron the extras are for you and Flydreamin.
Started tying literaly a week before you posted this in the first place so getting more than a base wrap was expanding my horizons. Anyways. They'll be there by the deadline and I have tried a couple and they actually work. So I guess that is all that matters.

Greg and Darin. Kewl, more flies in the mail. I'm looking forward to Saturday, should be a bumper crop of packages in my mail box. Darrin, doesn't matter how long you've been tying, if the flies actually work, they gotta be good.

I'm one of those guys who like simple flies (those in the last beginners swap know that from the bonus fly). Easy to tie, few materials, and sure fire fish catchers. Those flies are out there, as you'll see from the bonus flies from this swap. Experimentation with materials and patterns is the key.


Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
What!!! Post offices closed today! (Haven't been watching the news lately. Just been spinning old rock 'n roll vinyl 33 rpms to read and tie by). My local P.O. isn't staffed on the customer service desk (clerk just files the mail in the P. O. boxes) on Saturdays. I'm just finishing up, and I guess I'll need to buy postage stamps out of the machine and put mine in the outside drop box for a afternoon pickup either today or Sat. Otherwise they go in the mail Monday morning.
Usually get overnite delivery between here and Puget Sound, but I don't want to take the chance, so if anyone can give me a ballpark figure for postage for a 4" X 7" padded envelope with a mint tin full of #14 March Brown Comparaduns (at least that is what they were supposed to resemble), I'll just plaster some stamps on them and put them in the drop box today.
Ha Ha, and I just got thru congratulating myself for getting them done in time not to sweat the deadline. :beathead Jimbo

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Thanks, Ron. Usually everthing goes directly from here to the bulk mail center in Oly. Both our zips start out 985, I'll bet it would make it to your mailbox tuesday the 15th if I mailed it monday, but dropping it in the box tomorrow will get it picked up and on the way by 2:45pm.
I didn't get up to the P.O. yet, as one of my elderly customers called me for some un-planned for short-notice work. Talk about getting "little old ladied to death" LOL! (I live smack dab in the middle of my work territory and stop in for a break when I drive past my house). Now back out the door to make some more music with my weedwhacker! One more lawn job to knock off and it'll be beer-thirty. Couple more days of this and I can take off and go fishing again!

Stopped by the P.O. and the parcel post rates posted in the lobby are $.37 for the 1st oz. and $.23 for each additional oz. My package weighs in at under 2 oz. so two $.37 stamps will be more than enough.


C Van

coming soon to a stream near you
Tagging them now and overnighting them, I had to try them out b4 sending, and I found a few willing takers, so excuse teh poor quality, only two months of tying experiance, I think you will get mine (just) in time.
Nice crop opf flies in the mail box this morning. Got offerings from Just Learnning, Jaws and Barfly.

Flies are enroute from Ski Bum, dheike, and Bill Bert. I haven't heard anything from Flip at all.

I'll wait until the late afternoon mail run (5:00 PM) so there is a full day for your flies to arrive.

Everyone is going to have a nice selection from this swap. good tying everyone.



The dumb kid
i know ron, im really sorry. ive been really busy with shool and the likes. im mailing them today, ill give some extras for everyone for my damn tardyness. have some family issues in portland so i was out of town, finals, graduation, all that sh!t.:bawling

Bill Douglas

blue collar dirtbag
I've run into a problem, too.
The wife was supposed to go to the post office last week and mail off our baby shower thank you notes. She was going to mail my flies while she was there. I went out to her car this morning and found both the thank you notes and the flies in her trunk. I guess I shouldn't rely on a 8 1/2 months pregnant woman. My fault, I should have followed up and made sure she did in fact go to the post office.

I could either overnight mail them today, hand deliver them, or bag it if it is too late. I'm really sorry. I feel like a flakey, irresponsible teenager.

Bill Douglas

blue collar dirtbag
Dropped them off overnight express, today. I don't know if I could have made it out to Yelm and back in time for work.

I cannot apologize enough for the screw up. Hopefully I'm not too late. I deserve a floggin' with ten weight lead core line.
Bill Bert, I wish I had checked the board earlier. This would have given me a perfect excuse to hit the Little D after you got off work. We could have met up at Pioneer park. No problem though, I've had my wife forget to mail things for me (and Vice Versa) several times and neither of us is pregnant. Things happen. We'll save the flogging for serious offense (like using worms or power bait).

Flip's tubes arrived today. For those of you who have never used tube flies, I'm gonna let you bug Flip on how to rig them. That being said, they work very well for steelhead and salmon, are fairly simple to tie and having a sliding tube really keeps the toothy critters from tearing up the material in the fly.

I'm not mailing the flies out until 4:30 tommorow evening, just before closing, so those flies not yet here stand the best chance of arriving.

Still out are dheike, Bill Bert and Ski Bum.


C Van

coming soon to a stream near you
I asked a guy at work to overnight my flies yesterday and they arrived at MY doorstep today, so if you want something done do it your self and i guess you won't get my flies. sorry:bawling at least i have some all ready for another swap if i am ever aloud in another one