Stocking up my leech box for fall


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Nice looking flies trout! can I suggest some of these for your quiver? I do very well speed trolling these kinds with the bead chain eye's! Oh and can I steal some of those you tied for my quiver? ;-)~ boise la grande trip 063.jpg boise la grande trip 064.jpg boise la grande trip 066.jpg


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heres one i just came up with, i call it the bear suckin leech. hook,black bear, thread, and bead. slayed on cooper with it yesterday.



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Bob Jones had it! that's why I posted the pic of it in my hand - I don't know what the hell it is. someone from this sight showed it to him a few years ago so I can't claim the fly - BUT IT WORKS!

McNASTY, now I have to kill a black bear? nice looking, love how full the bear hair makes the body! HA - MY LAB LOOKS LIKE A BLACK BEAR----


Indi "Ira" Jones
Yeah, that red pine squirrel is is killer, and the barrel eyed barrel bug bloody Mary leech is also a killer. I just tied both up with some jig hooks.