6 species in 3 days (or if this is Tuesday this must be the Owyhee).

I'm new to the forum but thought I'd post a report on my trip to Idaho.

Rainbow, brook, smallmouth, largemouth and even one bluegill taken on a whirlwind tour in multiple
compass directions from Boise.

Oh, and Brown on the Owyhee River in Eastern Oregon.
A real big day! I think I'll try it soon. I think I have a good chance at Cutts, Bows, Brookies, Largemouth, Bluegill and Redears. If I play it right I might know of a nearby spot with browns too.
I was told that the river was still a bit high. Difficult wade in some spots. The water was surprisingly cold for the 90 degree day in the desert. I was thankful for choosing wool socks in my waders. People were nymphing with bobbers in the morning but we did pretty well with drys in the late afternoon.


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Fished the Owyhee for the first time this spring and have to agree it sure is fun! just wish those browns fought harder - sure are pretty though. sounds like a fun trip.
I love not knowing what is going to grab. I've been pulling some odd grandslams lately. Two that stick out recently are northern pike minnow, tench, and trout from Rufus; then a smallmouth, trout, and carp from lake Roosevelt. Those are just the odder of the groups I've caught recently. Getting out and bending normal boundaries can be enormously satisfying. Keep up the good work.