NFR getting ready for birds, too.

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
Sandwiched in with spey fishing lessons on Saturdays, I'm getting ready for bird season, been shooting the skeet game some more. Watched some of the videos of the Olympic skeet and that level of shooting is unbelievable. If you've never watched that level of shooting, I highly recommend it.

I've got my 28 ga. reloader in the shop for maintenance and should have it back within a couple of days. I've been trying to find a used re-sizer (MEC) for my 20 ga, I have the 28 ga collet and plan to change it out. If any of you folks see one for sale give me a notice, I'd appreciate it. I made on offer for a used one on Ebay but the seller is asking the same price as a new one. Unbelievable.

Just got invited to join the pro-staff for a waterfowl equipment company, this should be fun. It'll tie up some weekends but there'll be a few bucks and some discounts on equipment. Problem is, I've got about all of the stuff I can use or carry. It'll be fun, though, chatting with duck and goose hunters, as long as they don't ask me to use a call. I'm a decoy specialist, I can kill more ducks without a call with decoys then someone else can with a call and no decoys...:)

By the way, Kim Rhode shoots an older Beretta, the lady has some class, eh? Watched her interview on Fox and I am just impressed with her humility, pose, and intelligence.

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
Karl, I have to laugh about the calling!! My dad never could understand the phrase "call-shy", and when the birds went wide, he just upped the volume (while I watched them kick in the afterburners!!) Now that I've got a decent 15-foot boat, is there any place where you'd recommend getting back into ducks? Admittedly, I'm spoiled shooting out of the "tuxedo blinds" we had at our club in the Butte Sink in CA. Pity we had to sell the membership, but I couldn't afford the assessments.