Snow, but going anyways...

Going out this week to fish a couple alpine lakes. Looks like one of the three still has snow covering about a third of it. Since the other lakes are clear I'm going anyways. But I've never fished a lake under those conditions. I'm looking at it two ... Cup half will be hungry. Cup half will be cold and inactive. Just wondering about other peoples previous experiences in like situations.


Indi "Ira" Jones
Any Ice off equals good fishing in alpine lakes if there are fish in there to be caught and the they are not overly pressured.
Don't be surprised to see them competing for your fly. May not be the biggest fish but active and plentiful can be common up there.

If you're floating be prepared for winter-like water temps (be careful with cold water when in the middle of nowhere :eek: ).
Lol..yeah already decided to bring the long johns after my trip last week. Actually had to get out of the water and fish from shore a bit to warm the totes up!
Good! Glad to hear that reply. brimming with anticipation already and can't wait to get up there!

Thomas Williams

Habitual Line Stepper
If your up for a little journey fish Castle lake up on Mount St. Helens, long ways on logging roads and a bit of a hike maybe a quarter or half mile. Solitude and nice plump fish. Bring your float tube.