Just wanted to say hey! And its been a while since I have been on. The board looks good!!!!

I have been super busy with my house, work, and racing.
My fishing partner went and got a wife with3 kids so he doesnt get time to wet a line much anymore.

Seems like all I get to do for fun is racing and pop off a few rounds with the .22's now and then and that is about it.

Well, there is one other thing that I did about 6 months ago... My wife and I are going to have our first kid come end of October, start of November.
Cant wait for the kid to get here and get old enough so I have another fishing buddy.

Alright, back to pokin around the sweet looking board!

Later guys!
Thanks a bunch Gary!
I have been going crazy wanting to get out to Goose or the Forlorns, but it is all worth it is what they tell me...